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1x1-Base-Moulding. This is a very practical yet unique-feeling way to trim your walls. It's about as close as you're going to get to no moulding at all. Your walls have to be well-finished nearly down to the floor, though, which can be tough if you're changing out flooring.

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1 x 6 pine for the meat of the baseboard, base cap on the top of the wide pine, and colonial stop to cover the gap between the baseboard and the floor.

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Finding the perfect grey paint

If you're nervous about painting wall grey then think about covering the skirting boards and/or the windows

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Pink foam board from Home Depot, cut to fit around fireplace. I duck taped it together (underneath as well). Then, I covered it with quilt batting (folded to form layers). Lastly, I got some cheap fabric from hobby lobby and hot glued it underneath.

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Photography: Karim Sadli Styled by: Francesca Burns Hair: Damien Boissinot Makeup: Lucia Pica Models: Adowa Aboah, Nora Attal, Hannah Bennett, Jean Campbell, Lorna Foran, Elfie Reigate and Amber Rose Witcomb

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Vertical board & batten with stone work on the bottom fourth or third of the front of the house and garage. Maybe wider panels of wood, though.

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