Pinterest • The world’s catalog of ideas’s Word of the Day - lucida - Astronomy. the brightest star in a constellation.


Taylor Burk on Instagram: “The hike started out under a gloomy sky with little hope that we would actually get to see the sunset. At one point not far from the top we made it above the clouds and got our first glimpse at the surrounding peaks. Words can't describe the feeling of how incredible it was up there, we were all yelling and screaming in excitement. Here's @hayoui on the move as we raced up the mountain.”


Pretty Serious Cosmetics Can't Take The Sky // @kelliegonzoblog


We´re Stars Amongst Trillions Of Others !...Searching For Our Place In This Universe !...We´re All Their Sisters And Brothers !...We´re United Forever With The Source !...© Do You Like My Poetryscapes ?... Samissomar


Stitch Fix September 2016 - Skies Are Blue, Zeke Plaid Mixed Material Pullover, this could be really cute paired with a vest


BROOKLYN - A1089371 - - Manhattan Please Share:TO BE DESTROYED 09/19/16 A volunteer writes: She has CRINKLES! OK, I made up the word, but it fits. Her forehead is adorably wrinkly like she’s pondering some in depth question, like, ‘why is the sky blue?, why do they say it’s raining ‘cats and dogs’?, why doesn’t everyone carry great treats for me?, why can’t I have a new home right now? when’s the next episode of Pit Bulls an