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Small Skyrim Inspired GLOWING Soul Gem

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Dark Brotherhood - Cosplay Skyrim #Cosplay #DarkBrotherhood #Skyrim

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Astrid cosplay from Skyrim by April Gloria Had to use my natural hair since I haven’t found a wig in a color I like for it. And the style is different, but this is more flattering to my face so that’s what happened. haha Emoticono smileCostume is made by me and it one of the projects I’m most proud of!Blade of Woe is made by Power Loader Cosplay!Suit is black stretch faux suede, red is sueded leather. Most of the red pieces were sewn on the suit before the suit itself was ...

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Forsworn Arm Wraps -- tribal leather bracers skyrim elder scrolls cosplay brown fur cuffs armor barbarian larp viking

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This Skyrim cosplay of daedric armor is mindblowing and the Nightingale armor is gorgeous.

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FULL SET of 10 Dragon Priest Masks polymer by meanwhilebacklash, $900.00. Omgggggg I'm nerding out. If I only had a spare $900.00...

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This Skyrim Cosplay Will Make You Shout "Fus Ro Dah"!

DUDE! I never even thought about Cicero cosplay!! This is awesome!! His face is perfect too. Man. Crossplaying Cicero would be sooooo fun.

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Nightingale armour from The Elder Scroll V:Skyrim Cosplayer: Montayvas Cosplay and Props Photographer: Pandom Images

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Elder Scrolls Skyrim Dragon Pendant Necklace

Show your love for this awesome game!Skyrim's iconic symbol made from stainless steel.Prefect for gamers who love Skyrim. Free standard shipping hassle-f

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Skyrim cosplay

Love my nightingale cosplay in the snow! Skyrim is life. Thieves guild is by far my favorite #cosplay #skyrimcosplayers #femalecosplay #femalecosplayer #nightingale #thievesguild #drangonborn #dovahkiin #brynjolf #skyrimcosplay #skyrim #nightingalecosplay

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