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The Elder Scrolls: breaking fantasy stereotypes since 1992 <<< Hey and Lotr and The hobbit

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Valenwood is a south-western province of Tamriel, and home to the Bosmer, or Wood Elves. It lies...

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My character's a Kahjiit! :D<< dark elf baby! <<< female Imperial but was actually a stormcloak>> Khajiit Imperial lol<<Kahjiit

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Skyrim Dovahkiin by Beebichu 4 by on @deviantART skyrim cosplay costume dovahkiin dragonborn armour armor saviors hide forsworn dragon bone bow battle ready woman arrow draw archer female daedric daedra nord bosmer wood elf the elder scrolls

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Beebichus Costume Creations: How to make Skyrim armor: Nightingale set with bow and sword

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Skyrim fanart - Breton, Wood Elf, Khajiit - by ~kreugan on deviantART #skyrim #dawnguard #hearthfire

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