Sleep Apnea Treatment - Unusual Tips to Cure Sleep Apnea and Throw Away Your CPAP .. For More Info .. Visit

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Obstructive Sleep Apnea. All these really make me want to push to get in to see the doctor about this. >< I have a decent amount of these issues, more than what makes me comfortable anyways.

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Now an alternative form of C.P.A.P. is gaining popularity: a patch that fits over the nostrils. Called Provent, the patch holds two small plugs, one for each nostril, that create just enough air pressure to keep the airways open at night. It is far less intrusive than the traditional C.P.A.P. machine. It is also more expensive, and it doesn’t work for every patient.

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Discover 16 tongue exercises for sleep apnea! These exercises will strengthen the genioglossus muscle of your tongue and treat sleep apnea.

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16 Tongue Exercises For Sleep Apnea

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Prev post1 of 3Next Sleep apnea is a very common sleep disorder in which a person’s breathing is interrupted or even stopped involuntarily while sleeping. It can last for 10 seconds or more and may occur hundreds of times a night. Sleep apnea can be caused by blocked or narrowed airways in your nose, mouth

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Sleep disturbances can contribute to health issues or obstruct the healing process. Make an appointment at NIHA to get treated for a sleep appliance, continuous positive airway pressure therapy, or help with lifestyle changes. (202) 237-7000

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Learn 5 types of sleep apnea exercises that can improve the quality of sleep. Practice these exercises daily to get positive results starting from the first month..

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