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The Devil In I - Slipknot Ever hear that one song that describes a situation you have lived through. Here's one that does just that for multiple life events I can recall.

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Someone cares for far too long and in the end all you have to do is walk away knowing you tried you did everything you could and that is all that anyone can ever do in this life

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Slipknot - Psychosocial ❤ One of my absolute favorite songs! Love singing this song.

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These are lyrics to one of slipknot songs which relates to my magazine as it from there new album

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She's beautiful! A little better than a man deserves. You are not insane please tell me she won't change. Maybe I should let her go. But not until she loves me....

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Slipknot - Custer, favorite song on new CD!<<< Its not even because of the lyrics speaking to me. This whole song leaves me thrashing and kicking and screaming and I fucking love it. Maybe its just me..

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