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Vintage Glo In The Dark Owl Keychain Vintage, glows in the dark. The front says we give a hoot, the back is advertising for some micro business. Very cute piece, the advertising on the back could be scratched off probably. "Give a hoot, don't pollute" was an old slogan for eco friendly actions, and this reminded me of it Vintage Accessories Key & Card Holders

Heartbreaking. Trees provide shade, oxygen, the filter pollutants from the air, help fight against climate change, food, shelter and medicines.


I recently started following cnn on youtube to see what they are feeding people & it is a bunch of poop in the pudding. a LITTLE BIT of truth w a lot of disinfo.


why finance animal cruelty, environmetal pollution ...: torture, lies, denial - f**k this shit I'm going #vegan

from Casual Hardcore

Give A Hoot; Don’t Pollute!

woodsy owl

1970s "Woodsy Owl" poster made by the Forest Service. Another Woodsy slogan: "Lend a Hand--Care for the Land."


74 free slogans on World Environment Day -

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Slogan on pollution - प्रदूषण को रोको