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Personalized SNOWMAN FAMILY Hand Painted Slate Pine Trees NAME Favorite Slogan Est Established

Personalized SNOWMAN FAMILY Hand Painted Slate Pine Trees NAME Favorite Slogan Est Established by DayAndNightCrafts on Etsy

40 Eye-Opening Slogans On Save Trees - Natureaxis

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5 Cool Alternatives to Cat Trees

We do everything we can to make our feline friends feel at home. They love being able to perch in high places and scratch to their heart’s desire, but cat trees can be cumbersome depending on your space situation. Luckily, eBay has ingenious alternatives every cat lover needs to keep their cats happy and houses looking beautiful.


A Literary Bromance, Now in Its Sixth Decade

Mr. Ferlinghetti’s presence is still palpable at City Lights, one of the last countercultural outposts in a rapidly gentrifying city. His deep, raspy voice is on the bookstore’s answering machine. His handpainted signs adorn the store’s walls and windows, with slogans he coined like, “Stash Your Sell Phone and Be Here Now!” and “Books Are Trees Made Immortal.” A Literary Bromance, Now in Its Sixth Decade -

Ultimate Hammocks Titan Straps Hanging Kit for Trees Complete Set of 2 Hammock Tree Straps. PERFECT SIZE: 10 FT long with 10 loops per strap makes the ultimate in strength to weight ratio. FAST & EASY: Daisy Chain design requires no knots and sets up in seconds. These hammock straps are super easy to adjust to get the perfect hang. WORKS WITH ALL HAMMOCKS: Works with any hammock on the market including ENO Hammocks, Eagle's Nest Outfitters, Grand Trunk, Hammock Bliss and many others. TRUSTED…


Pests, Be Gone! 10 Natural Ways to Make Your Home Critter-Free

You take Irish spring soap *no other brand* and "shave" slices off it. Leave the thin slivers around the garden. To use it on trees cut the bar into quarters then use a metal skewer (like a shish kebab stick) to poke a hole through the quartered piece. Thread some dental floss through the hole and tie several to branches of the fruit tree. The scent of the soap is more than enough to deter the pests away from your garden and protect your trees all season long!

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Best Kids Parties: Camping At Home — My Party: Isabel (Alexandria, VA)

found and repinned- from apartment girls camping cake. she used ice-cream cones for the trees and piped on the frosting. Love This!

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Fall Landscaping Ideas

Screen Views - Add depth and mystery to your landscape by using large shrubs and small trees to block views. Because you can't to see the entire yard from one spot, you create the sense that your garden goes on and on. Here, a brilliant golden Japanese maple makes you want to check out what's on the other side of it