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Slug eyebrows

elementarydata: “zhora-salome: “ kanevixen: “ joeykoji: “ Unrelated ALL”oakley”→ ” The way he throws down the pen. It’s so naturally a boy with very little...

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Well, if you've got a pink bug, some eyelashes will bring it to life. :-)

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Les trouvailles d’Internet pour bien commencer la semaine #68

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Slug eyebrows!! | Mumsnet Discussion

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Give It A Few Years

Pbbth!! "Someday soon???" How about right now?? Good grief, it's already well into the "OMG, lookit that' category. Look, I know guys think it's sexy, but they are not well informed on this. The beards of many men have been tested for latent bacteria, and many came up with significant colonies of icky. Fer one thing, I don't know where you've been with that beard, and I can't trust most men to be honest about it. So MAYBE a moustache but I'm leaving beards off my list.

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