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The original slush mug

THE ORIGINAL SLUSH MUG Life was great when you only had to worry about waking up in time for Saturday morning cartoons, riding your Big Wheel and making sure your Slush Mug was freezing for a hot afternoon. What? You don't remember The Original Slush Mug Frozen Dessert Maker? You were either living under a rock during the 70's and 80's… or not born yet! $9.99


Slush Mugs. I have one that my dad bought for me and there just awesome. Doesn't work with diet stuff though

Pull your Slush Mug's Glaciercore from the freezer and pop it into the Slush Mug. Then pour in cola, juice, a smoothie, whatever you like. Then watch as the Slush Mug transforms it into slush. No ice, no blender. Just Slush Mug magic.

Turns you drinks into slush! this thing is AMAZING! My husband and I have them and then I got my bff/sister @Jazmin Viramontes and her boyfriend one each for Christmas and they love them too!! $9.99


The Original Slush Mug... a family favorite! We use these with any sugar-filled drink (juice or pop) as a great instant treat.


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