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A fantastic description of Cap & Bucky's difference in loyalty, both loyal to each other but it is still different

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Slytherins. This fits me: when i broke up with my best friend, he didin't told me why. So I spent plenty of time trying to understand what happened. I couldn't just give up, even when the situation seemed hopeless. After two years, two fucking years of stubbornness, I found the answer. He had fallen in love with me. Now that I had the answer, I moved on, knowing that he loved me until the end.

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Slytherin House Subway Print— Harry Potter Wall Art-- Traits of the Hogwarts House of Slytherin--Green Accent Art Instant Download

This print celebrates the unique traits of the House of Slytherin. *Print does not come with any frame or matte. *Prints are for personal use

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Slytherin House Pride. This sets us apart from the Gryffindors. Brave, without being reckless. Loyal, but not easily forgiving.

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