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The Lances were made from BBQ skewers, I made the shields and drilled a small hole in the back to receive the small piece of skewer. The lance and shield can be removed from the Knight and stored.

Up-cycled old Corrugated Metal Small BBQ Pig

FREE SHIPPING Up-cycled old Corrugated Metal by RockinBTradingCo


Classic Accessories Veranda Small BBQ Cover - Pebble - 73902

Classic Accessories Veranda Small BBQ Cover - Pebble - The Small BBQ Cover - Pebble makes sure your grill looks and performs great all season long. It’s made with a rugged fabric and PVC inner that...

Classic Accessories Sodo Black 52 in. Medium-Small BBQ Grill Cover

Classic Accessories Sodo Black Medium BBQ Grill Cover offers unique styling with clean lines and provides reliable protection in wet and windy weather.