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Wood Turning 101 - What You Need To Know To Get Started on the Lathe

Wood turning can seem like a mystery to many woodworkers. In fact only a very small percentage of woodworkers and makers are familiar with the lathe. ...

DIY drawer organizer project ~ 48" wood laths super-cheap at Home Depot, & the store will cut them for you. So simple it's not even really a tutorial :-) Would also work to make a shadowbox to display small items.


A Small Circle Center Finder & Drawing Aid

Would be nice if it already had circles on it for minimizing stock waste; This would be a great tool to have for my wood lathe!


Lathe Attachment for Multi Speed Drill Press ( Fox D4088 ) allows wooden workpieces to be turned on a drill press in the same manner as a wood lathe, only vertically rather than horizontally. Items like small pickets, legs, spindles, candle holders, salt and pepper shakers, handles, dowels, and pins can be made.


Woodturning Projects: Christmas Trees

Turning a small Christmas Tree on the lathe is an easy project. You can make a table center piece, or a small tree ornament. There are three different trees with advice on how to turn each of them.