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25 Travel-Sized Animals You Can Take With You Wherever You Go


Pygmy Marmoset - The Smallest Monkey

I had a vision of a monkey tattoo on my arm that says, "are these your monkeys?" To remind me of the saying "not my circus...not my monkeys". pygmy marmoset aka pocket monkey #monkey #tiny


François' langur, also known as Francois' leaf monkey. The species is distributed from Southwestern China to northeastern Vietnam. The total number of wild individuals is unknown, but there are believed to be less than 500 left in Vietnam and 1,400–1,650 in China. The species is named after Auguste François (1857–1935) who was the French Consul at Lungchow in southern China.

The hairstyle on this baby gorilla is too much.


Sifaka - A genus of lemur [Propithecus] in Primate order; found only on island of Madagascar and all species are threatened.