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Hollywood Regency is Small Scale Furniture, Strong Color, Bold Pattern, Lacquered Finishes, Luxe Fabrics, Chinoiserie and Mirrors.

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Working with stencil card

Great technique - "Stencil card (aka ‘stencil paper’ or ‘oiled manilla’) is a strong thin card treated with linseed oil which makes it even stronger and partially waterproof. This also stops it from ‘furring’ .. that is, cut edges stay quite sharp even if handled a lot. All this makes it ideal for the creation of small-scale, intricate forms especially furniture."

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30 incredible and tragically beautiful images of the world’s most haunting shipwrecks

The portion in this room are perfect with the big clock in the background and chair and table to balance it.

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This is my favorite site for Barbie furniture! Innovative mid-century modern ideas, great fabrics, amazing dolls and clothes. I spent an hour speeding through and will go back for sure.

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Furniture Arranging Tricks

Don’t block the view! Blocking the windows in a room with furniture severely limits the amount of light, which makes a room look small and cramped. Use low or small scale pieces in front of a window. Likewise, try not to block your view into a room. If the room is viewed most often from another room, keep the path of sight clear to make the space visually expand. Julie-P-layout-revised

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