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Omg I WANT THIS SO BADLY it's so kawaii!! Cute Shopping Cart with a cat face! Makeup, pencil, etc holder! The possibilities r endless (if it fits)!!

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heart 34 | Let's pack our favourite books and let´s go!

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A few small changes in your shopping cart can eliminate learning, behavioral, & health problems (including ADHD).

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City of Klamath Falls

Carriage Works Plant Klamath Falls Oregon Carriage Works manufacture and designer of Carts and Kiosks. In buisness for over 40 years with our products all over the world. Carts, Buffets,Theme Carts, Kiosks, RMU, Mall Carts, Outdoor Carts,Retail Carts,Ice Cream Cart,Espresso Cart, Coffee Cart, Hot Dog Carts,Cell Phone Kiosks, Nail Kiosk, Food Bar, School Carts, Bar Carts, Pretzel Carts, Donut Carts, in lines, display Carts , Kiosks, School Food Carts, Coffee Kiosks, Popcorn Wagons

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Our outdoor carts and kiosks are specially made to withstand harsh environments.

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