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7 Scientific Reasons Why I Don't Punish – Discipline

Abuse apologists<--- I think this is weirdly important. As the audience, we can easily become intellectually detached from a movie in pursuit of emotionally supporting a villain. It is nice to see some common sense, even if I still like some of the more insane villains out there (I'm looking at you, Moriarty).


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That may be true, HOWEVER, Severus went to great lengths to protect Harry until he was ready to fight Voldemort. The way I see it, Snape never hated Harry. Snape being mean to Harry was just an act in my eyes, so that he could play his "devotion to Voldemort" even better. In the end, Severus did all he could to protect Harry just because of Lily. I think that means something.


I don't want someone to love me like Severus. He did truly love her but at some point it became obsessive. She was MARRIED with A CHILD for Merlin's sake! He always hated James. I understand he was a true hero but at the same time he was a villain. He needed to realize, to move on. Lily Evans would never love him like that. He even ruined their friendship. I want someone to love me like Lily loves James, the way Tonks loves Remus, the way Harry loves Ginny, the way Ron loves Hermione. True…

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20 Cute Googly Eyes Cat Prove You Don’t Have To Be Cute To Be Loved

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Everything I Need to Know, I Learned From Severus Snape


While I agree that how Snape went about grieving by verbally abusing students was wrong, I'm not sure if I like comparing this to Lavender Brown and Cho Chang. The circumstances are different plus they're girls so they'll be more emotional in general and deal with grief differently. I'm not trying to start a debate or anything; I just don't think it's a fair comparison. I REPEAT: I don't condone what Snape does.