Stay up late snowday meme

I see you play ranked with school wifi i too like to live dangerously - Dangerously Austin Powers

Snow day meme

We had a 1 hour and 50 minute game bc the refs called all the fouls on us. There were 54 fouls in a 32 minute game. Let's just say I almost died in the last two seconds bc the girl tackled me.

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Yeah if you could go ahead and create your dream office space here. That'd be great - That Would Be Great (Office Space Bill Lumbergh)

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I have never personally experienced having a foreign teacher, but I know plenty of people who have, and had to drop the class or failed.

Elf. Christmas Meme. :) sounds like the best day ever

Wordless Wednesday What's Your Favorite Christmas Movie? #WW

Pennsatucky - Teachers be like.... Praise Him for this snow day

"Lord grant me patience, because if you give me strength." I'm gonna need bail money - orange is the new black

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Olaf the Snowman from the Disney movie Frozen asks If you want to build a snowman. Olaf will melt your heart.

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