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Snow Forcast

Happy Saturday! The forecast is calling for snow, so giant blankets and coffee are essential this morning. ☕️ And let me introduce you to this fabulous wooden platter that I rescued from the thrift store. Can you believe it?! $1 ...and worth every penny!


Bio Fragility is inspired by natural and living matter – flesh tones, lichen, moss and stone influence the subtle hues of the palette which are derived from chalky brittle elements rather than soft textures. Paint Colors: Dulux Great Star Dulux Snow Season Quarter Dulux Silkwort Dulux Partita Dulux Possum Pink Dulux Fibre Moss Dulux Atelier…


Portland Florist

Holiday season. It's here! We have a tree. It's decorated. There's a garland on the fireplace. The Christmas Village there too. AND, we have a constant fire ranging in the fireplace. Although my Utahn heart never feels like its Christmas until there's snow, I am feeling it this year. It could be that there's snow in the forecast, or I've been listening to Christmas music 24/7, whatever it is, I feel it. To be honest, any reason to decorate makes me excited. ...


Our new snow forecast page for winter 2012/13 will now be updated at regular intervals @

Apple Fritters

Do you want to know how sad my life is? Yesterday I took a nap (don’t judge me) and dreamt that I was on and saw snow in the forecast. And I woke up so excited. Like, it wasn’t even snowing. It was just the weather forecast. In my dream. And I was excited. [...]