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Snow In America

First snow fall in New York in 2017 at The Flatiron by Javan Ng @javanng | newyork newyorkcity newyorkcityfeelings nyc brooklyn queens the bronx staten island manhattan

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The 30 Best Small Cities in America: Readers' Choice Awards 2014 - Photos

Snow bunnies seeking adventure mixed with relaxation and luxury will be far from disappointed in this picturesque former Colorado mining town now known for its first-rate alpine skiing. In the summer, be sure to take in the renowned Bluegrass Festival,

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Everyday I’m shuffling.

No, but just imagine the genius being really into classical music, and they hit shuffle, so then when the two characters are transported, they see tall, snow-covered houses and people walking around in long dresses and suits. The one who didn't make the time machine looks around the German atmosphere, saying, "Uh... What song did you select?" and the other just whispers, their face pale and their eyes wide, "Für Elise."

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Ice Castle in Silverthorne, Colorado

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In Light Of - This is a vertical frame of an image I posted a few years ago. Looking back at the scene, there were a few frames that I felt could work on their own. This was one of them. I quite enjoyed the play of light and shadow between the sea of Saguaro cacti and the glowing cliffs. The slight snow didn't hurt either. One of my favorite spots to escape to out west.

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dall sheep - the dall sheep (originally dall's sheep), ovis dalli, is a species of sheep native to northwestern north america, [yukon, bc & alaska] ranging from white to slate brown in color and having curved yellowish brown horns. its closest relative is the more southern subspecies, stone sheep

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Snowing (New York City) by A Frenchman In NY / 500px

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9 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD TRAVEL TO COLORADO IN 2017! Recent charts show that Colorado is the second fastest growing state in the United States. It’s not surprising given the State’s insane mountains, epic snow, sunshine, sand dunes, hip cities and friendly people. Not ready to relocate? Well, your loss… BUT you still should add Colorado to your list of places to travel in 2017! By Renee Hahnel for

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cute america and england in the snow!