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from BBC News

Cashmere trade threat to snow leopards

Snow Leopards are Critically Endangered as their natural prey has declined - The global demand for cashmere is threatening endangered snow leopards... Domestic cashmere goats in parts of Central Asia have almost tripled in the last 20 years to fuel cashmere demand... The goats are encroaching on the natural habitats of the snow leopard and their natural prey... Consequently there has now been an observed increase in "retaliatory killings" of snow leopards by humans protecting their herds.


Snow Leopard, Uncia uncia. Most active at dawn and dusk, snow leopards are opportunistic predators capable of killing prey up to three times their own weight. Image by Bernard Landgraf via Wikimedia Commons (cc-by-sa)

from The Huffington Post

Snow Leopards May Soon Vanish, Thanks In Part To Climate Change

Snow Leopards May Soon Vanish, Thanks In Part To Climate Change. There may be fewer than 4,000 snow leopards left in the wild.

Stalking Snow leopard, Snow leopards are members of the cat family and roam the mountains of Asia. Loss of habitat and increasing encroachment by humans have led the snow leopard to be declared an endangered species.