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Emm... Really?! This is so inaccurate it hurts. I am ALWAYS aware of how things will feel, it's called "experience". What's more - this is a reason of my anxiety and panic attacks - being aware of how some situation will feel, how it will hurt and not being able to avoid it - it's the worse.


I have been so hurt by vicious people so much, even still lately by them.... but i won't let them keep trying to make my life hell... no longer playing their childish evil games. I now have the perfect relationship with a perfect real man who treats me right, and no jealous bitch will get in the way of that. U chose to stay with cheating scum bag who uses u and ur kids, u made ur fifthly bed.... Sleep in it whore! LMFAO


Unfortunately, this is so me! I wish I could slow my mind, feel less and not lose myself as I love too much! Some of these things are why I get hurt so easily!


Someone told me the other night when I said "I'm really shy at school so I only have one friend, because I'm so quiet and people don't know me" they actually told me they couldn't imagine that. They said I was so loud at home with my family, that they couldn't ever believe I would be quiet. I've probably had about half of the school year so far where I haven't said a word the entire school day. They were someone I was a little close to and so it hurt my feelings. I didn't say anything, but…


Have compassion for those who are suffering - because addicts truly are living in hell and just need a compassionate helping hand to make it out. Yes, they hurt other people - but it's because they are hurting so badly themselves.


Sometimes when the people you love hurt you the most. It's better to stay quiet because, if your love wasn't enough ... Do you think your words will matter ?