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This soapmaking oil chart will help you better formulate and learn oil properties and percentages when creating your own soap recipes.


From left to right: (1) Green 鈥?1 part ultramarine blue / 4 parts yellow oxide (2) Blue 鈥?3 parts ultramarine blue / 1 part yellow oxide (3) Purple 鈥?1 part ultramarine blue / 1 part brick red oxide (4) Maroon 鈥?5 parts brick red oxide / 2 parts ultramarine blue (5) Orange 鈥?2 parts brick red oxide / 4 parts yellow oxide (6) No color

from Soap Queen

How to Get Vibrant Colors in Soap

from Soap Queen

Natural Colorant Testing & Inspiration

Adding color is one of my favorite parts of the soapmaking process. Color in soap can convey different places, scents, themes or moods. If you prefer to keep your soap as natural as possible, there are a wide variety of colorant options. Various clays, herbs, botanicals and powders can give soap surprisingly vibrant hues. If …


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