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25 Beautiful & Creative Product Designs

Soap Holder - Keeps the soap from getting soggy and melting because it's sitting in water

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Love this trick...put pebbles or stones in your soap dish and it doesn't get slimy and lasts so much longer. It looks pretty too!

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Etched dish soap container...made from an olive oil much cuter than the ugly plastic bottle the soap comes in...AND I don't think it would gunk up as much...DOING THIS

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These are soap coats. They have a loose weave, so the soap suds come through the coaqt while you are washing. The scrubbie acts as a defoliator, getting rid of all that dead skin. It's a win - win idea.

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Turning a dish soap bottle into a small jewelry mannequin. Can't find the original source, most of the websites with this image aren't in english, sorry!

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Clever and Useful Bathroom Storage Tips

DIY corner shelf installation tips - you can add them right onto existing tile in the shower. No fancy tools required.

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SLOPE - Concrete Soap Holder/ Dish

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