S.O.A.P. notes for psychotherapy sessions. This article gives an example of how to write SOAP notes. Keep in mind, as mentioned in other pins here on this board, if you are using electronic records or psychotherapy progress note software, you should clearly delineate between the SOAP note part of your notes and the psychotherapy notes part, so that sensitive data is HIPAA compliant and private.

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How To Take Clinical Notes **this entire site is great for all things private practice***

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How to Take Clinical Notes Introduction: SOAP Notes, DA(R)P Notes, BASIC SID Notes, and Gillman HIPAA Progress Notes

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SOAP Note Example for Mental Health Counselors - http://www.soapnoteexample.com/ - private practice - therapists - social workers - family counseling - Counseling practice

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Probably the most common form for standardizing your clinical notes is SOAP notes. It's likely that you learned how to document in this standardized form . . .

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Many providers continue to use SOAP Notes to document a patient's progress. SOAP Notes can now be found in electronic forms depending on the system a clinic or provider might use. However, SOAP N...

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