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Soapy Smith, 1898. Jefferson Randolph "Soapy" Smith II was a famous con artist, saloon and gambling house proprietor, gangster and crime boss of the nineteenth century old west. A con involving soap in Leadville, Colorado earned him his nickname.


John Wilson Vermillion (1842–1911), alias "Texas Jack" and later as "Shoot-Your-Eye-Out" Vermillion, was a gunfighter of the Old West known for his participation in the Earp vendetta ride and his later association with Soapy Smith. Born: John Wilson Vermillion in 1842 died in 1911. He was a gunfighter, soldier, lawman, outlaw, Methodist preacher; participated in the Earp vendetta ride. He died peacefully in his sleep.


Soapy Smith, conman and scoundrel, Skagway, AK, 1898- Jefferson Randolph "Soapy" Smith II (1860-1898) - The most famous bunko man in the Old West. Smith was a con artist and gangster who had a major hand in the organized criminal affairs and operations of Denver and Creede, Colorado, as well as Skagway, Alaska from 1879 to 1898.


Jeff Smith in his Parlor in Skagway. Jefferson Randolph ("Soapy") Smith II (1860–1898) was a con man who operated in Colorado and Alaska from 1879 to 1898.


The Soapy Smith skull (Skagway, Alaska). It was painted on a natural rock formation of a human skull in the 1920s as a tourist dedication to Klondike gold rush bad man, Jefferson Randolph "Soapy" Smith.


“Soapy” Smith was Denver’s original tourist attraction

Jefferson Randolph - Soapy Smith, the king of all Western con-men

Soapy Smith's Saloon Bar at Skagway, Alaska, 1898