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I'm a girl soccer player. I don't mess around. You hurt me, watch out. I kick balls for a sport

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Was me haven't played soccer and I'm thinking to end the curtains on that... even i don't know what I will become in the future

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Just For Fun

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Can't tell if this us edited but, no way in hell does Tobin Heath play for PSG.<<<< she actually did, I believe it was for 2 years

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When I walk on to fields and all the boys look at me and my team. I'm like heck to the no

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Soccer is not stupid -_- Fight me!

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Christen Press

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(going down) YES TOTALY,no, some of them, yes, yes, yes,no, I do have a social life, some times, yes, I have a better friend than a soccer ball but I guess I'm with it like all the time, YYYEEEEESSSSS I HATE heels, yes all the time, soooo I am !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Me every time we play soccer<<someone once told me that I wasn't allowed to "push" them or touch them and that it was a "foul"

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