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Karl Marx, a social conflict theorist, suggests that crime is caused by the struggle between social classes. He furthers this concept by stating that those who are in power (the upper class) create laws to guard and protect their own interests. Conflict theorists see crime as a condition for competition, during which individuals compete for resources and power in society (Siegel & McCormick, 2010). - A.Hunter


Why: He created the Social Conflict Theory which many people thought was part of the reason for the Russian Revolution starting in 1917


Habermas and Social Research : One of the greatest contributors to the field of Sociology, Jürgen Habermas has had a wide-ranging and significant impact on understandings of social change and social conflict. He has inspired researchers in a range of disciplines with his multidimensional social theory, however an overview of his theory in applied settings is long overdue. This collection brings together in one convenient volume a set of researchers who place Jürgen Habermas’ key ...

Sociological Paradigms on Collective Behaviour and Social Movements Structural Functionalism, Conflict Theory and Symbolic Interactionism. Publish Edward Watkins

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14 Reasons We All Need Feminism

Overall, women still earn less money than men with the same education level. | 14 Reasons We All Need Feminism