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Social emotional

Video Games and Social Emotional Learning

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Social and Emotional Learning

During Bullying Prevention Month, you might hear a lot of people talking about Social & Emotional Learning, or SEL. So, what does that mean? This image breaks it down. For more information & resources, visit our Social and Emotional Learning topic page.

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15 Must-Have Picture Books for Teaching Social-Emotional Skills

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Free, printable "folder stories." Simple one page social stories that teach appropriate social skills and behavior.

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Changing Negative Thoughts Counseling Worksheets

Set of student worksheets to help students reframe their negative thoughts, think through what situations cause them, how they feel and how they react. Social Emotional Workshop

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Welcome to Jill’s Social/Emotional Skills Sharing Site!

Jill Kuzma's Social-Emotional SLP Site - site with hundreds of free downloads to teach perspective taking skills, conversation skills, peer interaction, executive function skills, emotion awareness and management. A huge list of YouTube videos for teaching social skills, goal/objective bank, etc.

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Kind or Unkind Mini Stories to Sort - This freebie includes 6 mini-stories that will get students thinking and talking about what kind and unkind behaviors look like.

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21 Ways Teachers Can Integrate Social-Emotional Learning

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