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Social Market Economy

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Economics: Supply and Demand

“Economics: Supply and Demand” is a Social Studies lesson that focuses on understanding the law of supply and demand and its effect on prices in a market economy. The original informational text provides an overview of the definitions of supply and demand, as well as several real-world examples of how this principle plays out in the economy.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Economics: Supply and Demand

Students identify the cause-effect relationships between supply/demand and the price they pay in a market economy. A printable from my lesson - Economics: Supply and Demand.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Economics: Supply and Demand

PEDAGOGY Lesson Plan: Economics Supply and Demand for 3-5 grade. This is a unit study with three detailed lesson plans that are 30-45 minutes in length. TPT $5


The concept of supply and demand is often called the heart and soul of economics. It is the foundation for much of what is studied in the field. Understanding how supply and demand affect the economy helps us recognize economics everywhere in our daily lives.

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Marketing 3.0 Will Be Won By Purpose-Driven, Social Brands [Infographic]

Marketing 3.0 will be won by those who become purpose-driven social brands, and to do so, marketing, sustainability, CSR, and Foundation leads can no longer operate in silos, but instead must align to bring a cohesive brand story to life.

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Market Day Economics Project

Social studies projects make learning so much more fun! This economics lesson is great for Third Graders to show off their business skills! Check out these great business ideas that these kiddos came up with!


The Scientific Essence of Economy – Capitalism and Socialism versus a Democratic Competitive Market Economy -