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Corn cob headdress by Stefan Cruysberghs. The most famous tribe in Omo valley in southern Ethiopia is the Mursi. The women often wear a clay dish in their lower lip and all kind of special headdresses made of branches, cow horns, dried up fruits, animal skins, ... The Mursi still live very traditional an livestock, mainly cattle, is their most valued possession and also a measure of social status...

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What Was Your Social Status in Your Past Life?

What Was Your Social Status in Your Past Life? Knight In your past life, you were honored with the title of knighthood and were entrusted with protecting the Royal Family and citizens of your Kingdom. You were a brave and experienced fighter. In this life, you are a courageous individual who stands up for what is right. You value chivalry and always challenge yourself to do your best!

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Think Pinky

On the pinky ring: "For centuries before it became a badge of chicness for modern women, an engraved signet worn on the little finger was a symbol of family and social status for kings and queens and European and American aristocrats"


Drapery or costume of the Viking Age Different types of drapery to Viking times depending on social status and wealth. - from Hedeby museum


Isabella of Aragon ( the "real" Mona Lisa) ~ Isabella was the first-born child of King Ferdinand II of Aragon and Queen Isabella I of Castile. Isabella of Aragon and her court painter, Leonardo DaVinci had a clandestine marriage in 1497 due to their difference in social status. From that union were born five children: Francesco (Da Melzo), Giovanna of Aragon, Antonio of Aragon, Maria of Aragon, and Isabella the Younger. #monalisa


Lady Lassiel with her baby son Thranduil. "Ghosts" concept. Lassiel was Oropher's wife, and whilst in Doriath they had enjoyed a comfortable life, with Oropher earning title and estate. Lassiel was of high breed and from a noble line - her bonding with Oropher was actually a step down the social ladder, but they had a great connection and lasting friendship, and the strong willed elleth cared little for status. But Thranduil was born during their flight of Doriath and thus born homeless and…