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Key Works in Sociology follow this link to find a larger image: [click on this image to find a short video and analysis on the purpose of theory in sociology] via @Norton Soc


If anyone ever asks what kind of jobs are even for Sociology majors I will refer them to this. Possibly one of the most annoying questions I get asked.

from The Huffington Post

America's Classist Education System

Equality is everyone getting the same thing, Justice is everyone getting what they need to succeed. These two different terms might mean the same thing to certain people but the two are rather quite different. By everyone being able to stand on the same size box, it is seemingly equal, but because everyone in society is different and perhaps disadvantaged in their own way, the only just way to watch the game is that everyone has the same view of the game, thus justifying different size…


Social Work101: Considering a career in social work? Here is a quick understanding of the profession, and the varying roles social workers play in our world. This infographic breaks down where 642,000 American social workers are employed, details about three common fields of practice and profiles four famous social workers who were pioneers in the field.