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The Socratic practice has proven to be one the most innovative and disruptive technique of learning. Since its early beginnings it has empowered people to express and synthesize their own ideas, especially in the way every individual envisions the world. Michael Strong explains this visionary educational method through his own experience as a teacher.

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If you are looking for a way of fostering a class discussion in the spirit of Socrates, this article can help! Open-ended questioning has a way of getting the creative juices flowing and everyone involved engaged. Read on to learn more about this effective classroom method.

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The Lorax: An Introduction to Socratic Seminars

Do you want to start doing Socratic seminars in your classroom? "The Lorax" Socratic Seminar is a perfect way to introduce the Socratic method to y...

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Using Socratic Questions for Math Learning

Using Socratic questions for math learning helps students develop critical thinking skills and math strategies. It is also a form of math narration.

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