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New research shows that sodium bisulfate may help control salmonella contamination on the surface of extruded dry pet food.


Menadione Sodium Bisulfate (MSB): A Pet Food Ingredient to Be Wary of (highly toxic synthetic vitamin K)

From Bench Tips on facebook - Most jewelers use a granular pickle mixed with water. The active ingredient is sodium bisulfate. This can be purchased from local stores as a common pool chemical used for adjusting the acidity of the water. It's sold under various names, so be sure to check the list of active ingredients for a brand that is 95% or so sodium bisulfate. An added benefit is that the pool chemical is more pure in form than what is sold for jewelry use


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from The Science Shop

Sodium Bisulfate Lab Grade 500G

We show how to make hydrochloric acid from sodium bisulfate and table salt. The synthesis is rather simple, we generate hydrogen chloride gas by mixing toget...