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Sodium Borohydride

Sodium Borohydride Import | Authentic Sodium Borohydride Export Data Ready for Traders

Semihydrogenation of alkynes in the presence of Ni(0) catalyst using ammonia-borane and sodium borohydride as hydrogen sources

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What Is NFPA 704 or the Fire Diamond?

What Is NFPA 704 or the Fire Diamond?: This is an example of a NFPA 704 warning sign. The four colored quadrants of the sign indicate the types of hazards presented by a material. This is the NFPA 704 for sodium borohydride.

Generating borane from the reaction of iodine + sodium borohydride in THF. When the color of the iodine fades it is ready.  The reaction goes as seen here:  So what happens here? First, iodine is reacting with one sodium borohydride, so you get borane, sodium iodide, and hydrogen iodide. Then hydrogen iodide is reacting with another sodium borohydride, so you get another borane and another sodium iodide, plus some hydrogen.