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Soft Autumn Deep Starter Wardrobe

An example of a basic Soft Autumn Deep basic wardrobe perfect for a Soft Natural. Prints, Accessories, and Makeup to be continued......

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Toned Autumn Color Palette (Soft Autumn)

I think I'm actually a "Toned Autumn" --(Soft Autumn Deep), because I don't have dark brown hair (it's golden brown with red undertones) or medium skin (I'm very pale) or dark eyes (mine are golden, reddish, olive brown)

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Soft Autumn Color Wheel (Toned Autumn)

"How to Wear Your Season's Colors For Every Occassion and Mood... So That You Look and Feel Beautiful Everyday" From: Jen Thoden, Founder of and Imagine shopping with confidence because you KNOW what colors look perfect on you. Better yet... imagine being

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Deep autumn neutrals

Deep Autumn Soft colors - These would probably work for the darker haired soft autumns out there (or soft autumn deeps)

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Soft Autumn / Toned Autumn

You're a Soft Autumn! Also known as a "toned autumn" in the 4x4 color system. You are warm, deep, and soft. Warm, earthy eyes. Medium hair. Light to Medium skin. Go ahead and download your soft autumn color palette and order your toned autumn color fan! And take a look at the clear sp