How to Clean Soft-Shell Crabs | Serious Eats Every Restaurant that serves Soft Crabs should be required to read this!!

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There’s a vicious rumour circulating about the traps that I’m sure all of us have been caught up in – that making tempura soft shell crab is prohibitively difficult. So difficult that it’s one of those dishes that you can only order in restaurants, or unless you are in with some serious Japanese culinary crowd. It’s too exotic, too delicate, and if it’s that hard, who has the time to even give it a go. Well here’s the secret – it’s not. In fact, almost the opposite is true. It’s easy…

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Pan-Fried Soft Shell Crab

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Soft shell crab with green onion aioli recipe - By Australian Women's Weekly, Crunchy, succulent soft shell crab pairs brilliantly with this flavoursome green onion aioli. Enjoy it as finger food with a glass of wine, or as a starter to a big dinner party.

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Manhattan's Grand Central Oyster Bar serves this dish each spring in softshell season, but it's a delectable dish all summer long.

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