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Google 推出惡意軟體移除工具 Software Removal Tool,修復 Chrome 瀏覽器綁架問題

Software Removal Tool for Chrome--scans and removes software that may cause problems with Chrome (NOTE TO SELF: BE CAREFUL ABOUT RESTORING TO DEFAULT AFTER SCAN, OR YOU'LL LOSE EXTENSIONS, ETC.)


That way Tony can get closure on his parents death, he can apologize for the events of civil war and when Bucky tries to apologize for killing his parents, Tony just stops him and tells him he's forgiven. And in doing so Bucky may start to feel that all the deaths on his hand, weren't his fault and Tony will be there to confirm that it wasn't.

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A list of the best free antivirus software for Windows, updated March 2015. See reviews and download links for these completely free antivirus programs.


Bitdefender Adware Removal Tool for Mac Free your Mac from annoying adware. Simple and non-intrusive adware scan Completely removes Genieo for Mac and Vsearch Totally free #computers #software #freeware