Mason Jar Soil Test | Determining what type of soil you have in your garden can be done with a glass jar with a lid, some water, and a sample of your soil. When soil particles separate you can see a mixture of the main soil types: sand, silt and clay. A well balanced soil (also called Loam) will have an almost even balance between the three particles. If your soil has more clay or more sand you can help your plants by learning the best watering and treatment methods for your particular…

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Figuring out which soil type you have is the first step to a healthy lawn.
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Soil pH – Guide to Acidic Soil and Alkaline Soil Adjustment--shows some plants that like each kind.

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10 plants you can't kill image 10. Star Jasmine The versaitility of Star Jasmine makes it an unkillable winner – ground cover, climber, spreading bush or indoor plant. The fragrant flowers appear in summer. They’re not fussy about soil type or aspect – doing well in sun or shade.

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Easy Soil Testing | How to test your soil for the best garden ever - Farm Pretty

Easy Soil Testing | How to test your soil for the best garden ever - Farm Pretty

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Know Your Plot: How to Identify and Make the Most from Your Soil Type | Eartheasy Blog. Clay, sandy, silty, peaty, chalky, or loamy? Use the water test, the squeeze test, the settle test, and the acid test to find out. Also includes tips on what to add to make the most of your soil, whatever the type.

Herbs such as sage, thyme and rosemary are ideal for sandy soils | plants for soil types

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