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MIT Researchers: 1 Old Car Battery Can Help Power 30 Homes

An American solar company has developed technology that can produce super-efficient solar power that’s cheaper than fossil fuels.

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Guide To Install Solar Panels For Free – Install Solar Panels

Find out best solar panel installation companies in USA. Get the expert tips for choosing the best solar panels system and install at home.


SolarCity accused of misappropriating solar company Congenras trade secrets Solar company Congenra is suingElon Musks SolarCity over the use of shingling technology the company alleges SolarCity took from Congenra and used to create a world-record breaking solar panel. Cogenra says it shared itsmost precious and confidential trade secrets manufacturing processes and other intellectual property with Silevo and SolarCity between 2010 and 2014. Silevo is a subsidiary of SolarCity and the…

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Solar Roadways Unveils Super Strong Solar Panels for Roads in Prototypical Parking Lot

Eight years ago, Scott and Julie Brusaw had a vision of replacing the asphalt on American roadways and parking lots with energy-producing solar panels that are strong enough to withstand vehicular traffic. After a lot of experimentation and funding struggles, the couple and their company Solar Roadways just unveiled their first parking lot made of hexagonal panels!

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Tips To Find Solar Panel Installation Companies In Moreno Valley

Looking for solar panel installation companies in Moreno Valley? We help to find best solar energy company in Moreno Valley and choose the best solar installer.

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Rawlemon’s Spherical Solar Energy-Generating Globes Can Even Harvest Energy from Moonlight

The solar energy designers at Rawlemon have created a spherical, sun-tracking glass globe that is able to concentrate sunlight (and moonlight) up to 10,000 times. The company claims that its ß.torics system is 35% more efficient than traditional dual-axis photovoltaic designs, and the fully rotational, weatherproof sphere is even capable of harvesting electricity from moonlight