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Geothermal heat pumps, or ground source heat pumps (GSHP) have been around for more than half a century. The technology exploits the constant temperatures we find right below the Earth’s surface, either for heating or cooling purposes, and has significantly higher efficiency than electrical heating, furnaces or even air source he


"If we store sunlight for constant 20days we can replace a yearly reserve of coal, natural gas and oil."

How To Build An Underground Greenhouse And Have Food All Year Round — One of the main principles involves embedding the greenhouse in the earth to take advantage of the earth’s constant temperature, to store the solar energy collected during the day.


"This option is small-scale and it is built around a reclaimed heat dispersal system from an old refrigerator (which you can get with the gas removed from your local dump). It has no pump as it is gravity fed and it requires no electricity to work. Just put it in the sun, turn on the water feed and you will get a slow but constant supply of very hot water..."


Solar water heaters are probably the most widely used solar product worldwide, especially in Asia and other parts of the developing world it is a constant with any new construction. Out of Brazil comes this plastic water bottle based water heater created by Jose Alano a retired mechanic. He created a simple, cheap, energy saving …

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Survival Gear That’s Just Crazy Enough to Work

The BCK Solar Cooker With this solar cooker, you no longer have to burn your fingers pretending to be a caveman. The BCK resembles a Thermos but includes a solar shield that reflects the sun's rays into its center, which can build heat up to 90 degrees Celsius. Foods cook at a constant temperature and about as fast as on a conventional stove. Of course, you can also sterilize water in the cooker. The disadvantage is that the conical shield must be focused often to follow the sun. Plus…


Seiko​ Astron Solar GPS Chronograph Limited Edition Styled By Giugiaro Design - by David Bredan - see more about it now on "Over the last few years here at aBlogtoWatch, we have been closely covering the interesting developments of not just smart watches, but also of GPS controlled watches. One of the most important models – and in fact trend-setters – is the Astron line by Seiko…”