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Solid Shapes {A common core geometry unit}

This unit is filled with anything and everything shapes! Helps makes the common core standards FUN! This set includes: posters -"I have, who has..." -Solid


Flipbook students can make to get them to describe the properties of solids. Then they can quiz themselves or a partner and self check!


Teaching 5th grade the last 4 years, we went back and forth on that silly cone and cylinder too. How many edges do they really have? Glad to see someone else is just as confused as I. (By the way, it's all in the wording of your definition of edge.)


Here is a quick and easy way to use QR codes in your class and also review plane and solid shapes!Use a QR reader app to scan the codes. Each code will say the name of a plane or solid shape. The clues have the write the name of the shape that they hear and then draw a picture of the shape.This covers first grade Common Core geometry standards!Please FOLLOW ME for me fun products and FREEBIES!


3D-Shape-Anchor-Chart - could use this like a KWL, sort of. Teacher makes grid and draws 3D shapes. Students fill in "We See ..." and "It Looks Like ..." with teacher facilitation.