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In this book I share the history of Somalia and how my family became refugees. It gives a background of the Somali civil war.

The United Nations Operation in Somalia (UNOSOM) Medal is presented by the United Nations for service in the mission to oversee the ceasefire of the Somali Civil War and to protect the UN relief efforts. Phase I of the UNOSOM was established on April 24, 1992 and phase II began in March 1993 and was in operation until March 1994.

from CNN

Somali woman waits 23 years for surgery to fix shattered face -

Just 2 when her face was torn apart by shrapnel during the Somali Civil War, Ayan Mohamed spent 23 years with a hole in her cheek. Ayan came to the Edna Adan University Hospital just a year after it opened, and although the hospital lacked the expertise to help her, Edna has worked to get her assistance for. With the help of the Brisbane Rotary Club in Australia and experts at the Wesley Hospital in Brisbane who donated their services, Ayman underwent surgery February 22, 2014.