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It’s Monday, you could use some jokes (19 photos)

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Do what I do occasionally. .. hit the X box and take it out on the bots!

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Please if you have blonde hair do not be offended. Just because some's blonde doesn't mean their stupid. I just thought this was kinda funny so don't hate me. Blonde Jokes | blonde jokes

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Ok, some jokes I get, but there are a lot of religious jokes, whether it's my religion or another, that are really offensive to other people and me.

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"Today, I saw a child, and my traitor brain thought "aww, cute." So I watched some supernanny reruns until my sanity returned. Not today, uterus."

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Funny Science Jokes | funny #funny science #science #true story

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Well...I kind of got some black and grey ones for

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Unusual score direction

Although some musicians do this, it is a bad idea, always watch the conductor and count.

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