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To love someone is to love them selflessly. Letting them go and knowing that they will be better without you. It's a sad way to look at it, but then again, it's not really sad at all. You want to see people you truly care about happy, not sad or broken. You want them to become better, stronger, wiser and happier...and you hope that one day they find a love that inspires them. No amount of hate or revenge helps people move on, only love does.. And when you can let go of what's not meant for…

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"the way they leave, tells you everything" - if the man who owns the house the #narcissist was living rent-free has to pack all her belongings, then it was her fault no one else!

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Don't let someone tell you who you can't love or be with. no matter what. you be the exception to break tradition, to break close minded walls, to do what you want. Don't let anyone stand in the way of what you want to do as a career no matter how hard it seems. you can make it just put in the effort and have the courage. BE THE EXCEPTION.

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You say things like this, yet fail to change. Saying your heart feels a certain way and where it belongs, yet introduce someone new to your family. I don't understand what you're trying to say or do.

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February isn't just about love for that special someone, but love for yourself. Take care of who is allowed space in your head...including yourself. Surround yourself with those who feed you. Feed yourself with things that do the same. Work on you, grow daily, and listen to those who build you up, believe in you, and speak loving truth into your life.

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