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Letter to Camp Half-Blood campers and watch where you are walking newly claimed Apollo children are not always that good at archery at first

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Hades; Greek God of the Underworld, The Afterlife, God of souls and of the dead. Son of Chronus. Brother to Zues, Posideon, Hera, Hestia and Demeter

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CLICK TO SEE GIF Earth - Nico di Angelo (This is the most beautiful one ever!) son of Hades Heroes of Olympus and Avatar the Last Airbender Xover

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an au in which Bianca didn’t die and Nico is as happy as the son of Hades can possibly be ((art by viria))

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"I am nothing but a desire, anger, vagueness, as impalpable as energy." - Clarice Lispector, from Near To The Wild Heart

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