Songbird Tattoo

I chose this painting because I love the way the birds are angled towards each other. I also love how the artist used the technique which appears to be wet on wet for the background. How do you think the artist made the birds look so effortless while still keeping such precise lines?

Song-Bird (Tattooed by Dennis at Body Language in Columbus, Ohio)

I want a bird tattoo for my mommy, but it should be singing, because she's the songbird in my life.

Songbird... - want this but now that it's been on here I'd want to find a way to make it more unique

african king tattoos | Songbird Tattoo | created at

"Birdsong" ... I think I have found an idea for a tattoo that I would actually enjoy for all my days... it would need to be a Blackbird though, not a sparrow... now to find someone to do the concept art...

Music songbird made from musical notes. Tattoo tattoos design from chickadee comprised from sheet symbols.

15-alyssa-music-note-bird.jpg 468×720 pixels #awesome #tat

caged songbird tattoo - Google Search

bioshock infinite tattoo | ... tattoo I got of the chalkboard sketch of Songbird from Bioshock

My Songbird ♥ Pigment tattoos in Cedar Park, TX. By Tj

Songbird Tattoo Studio

Bird with music notes ... really love this one... especially the colors! #tattoo #music #songbird

songbird in a heart by david hale. i love the way this is framed ... but the heart in the middle is not my style.

Songbird Tattoo - Blackwork 2

My new songbird tattoo! I'm in LOVE

Bioshock Inspired Poster Set

I think this describes me perfectly. ♥

Songbird Tattoo - Blackwork

Wren tattoo by Chris Lurie @ Lasting Empressions Tattoo /// Unassuming little songbirds who are actually louder and more feisty than they look.

Songbird Tattoo - Nic Blackwork

Totally going to get this one. Just don't know where yet. songbird tattoo

Songbird Tattoo - Blackwork. less on the leg though.

Cuban songbird tattoo design by McTats.deviantart... on @deviantART