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Sores Inside Nose

Remedy for Nausea Caused by Post Nasal Drip


8 Proven Colloidal Silver Benefits and Uses

Proven Colloidal Silver Health Benefits Infographic chart | Dr. Axe (the healthy home economist doesn't recommend oral use, so there's always another opinion to consider. topical seems a safe route though.)


Top 15 Home Remedies To Cure Mouth Ulcers

Health: Mouth ulcers are very painful sores that arise inside the cheeks mostly during stressful periods. Home remedies for mouth ulcers work the best in alleviating the ... #Health:


Wipe out cold sores in one fell swoop with garlic

Good to know. Runny nose season coming soon! How to Wipe out cold sores in one fell swoop with garlic


How to Stop Sores Inside the Nose


Coconut oil Applying coconut oil inside nostrils can help you with runny nose, allergies and sore nostrils. from 47 uses for food outside the kitchen

Nose Better Non-greasy Aromatic Relief Gel - 0.46 Oz (13 G) (Pack of 2) by Nose Better. $16.74. Created specifically for year-round nose care, dermatologist tested dual-action Nose Better gel soothes and relieves soreness under your nose and around and inside your nostrils. Penetrating cooling vapors relieve nasal discomfort inside. Nose Better Non-Greasy specially balanced non-greasy formula moisturizes dry, tender skin and nasal passages.


Natural Sore Throat Remedies Winter is only getting colder here in my neck of the woods and with that comes runny noses and sore throats. Thankfully, I always have cough drops and hot water on hand, but sometimes a cup of tea with honey just doesn't make a difference when it comes to a sore throat. Here are some less popular but incredibly affective ways to get rid of a sore throat. 1. Gargle Salt Water Salt water actually has the ability to hydrate the inside of your throat while massaging…


3 Incredibly Easy Remedies to Help a Dry Nose

coconut oil is one of three remedies that are suggested on this site for fry noses in cold weather


I use hemp oil for allergies, sinus infections and sores in the nose. I dip both ends of a q-tip in the oil and apply liberally to the inside of my nose using one end for each nostril. DO NOT DOUBLE DIP your q-tip. You will contaminate the whole bottle, and only use one side of the q-tip for one nostril.