goodbye lonely tired alone hate broken sick self harm empty not good enough left alone i hate myself for you hate myself not good Little Things im sorry Hate My Life Wish I Was Dead not pretty self harming not beautiful Come Back Be Here Hate my body enought goodbye my friends hate in the world sick of lies love is unfair i wont back

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I am sorry….. sorry for hurting you so much… sorry for doing things that I shouldn’t have done…. but whatever is done, can not be taken back…… I’m sorry just because I was so angry and my feelings were hurt….. I love you so much and by no means I can stay mad at …

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Boom!!!!! Oh I'm sorry, did that hurt your feelings? I forgot your the only one who is allowed to have feelings or at least only your feelings matter. When you notice my absence you know I used the knife in my back to cut the cord.

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Both our mothers had decided it was a bad match, and you were transferring to a school hundreds of miles away. We were in a terrible situation with no real solutions that would work for both of us. I'm sorry for my part in ending our relationship so badly.

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