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Thank you instead of I'm sorry

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I love this quote Ic:@niandelenatvd Thankyou for 8k!I appreciate all of you❤️ This is really rushed because i've been arguing with my mum for ages lmao sorry Q:Your favourite ship out of these three? [8,038]

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Sorry i havent posted in a while. Its just a lot of things are in my mind. Im stressing about high school whether i will get in or not. I decided to do engineering and im scared that it will be hard cause i have no knowledge of engineering. I need to pass Physical science and Algebra 1 to be in engineering and im scared that i wont pass and that i cant go to high school. I have good grades in everything (straight A's) and in engineering class there are mostly boys so they needed girls (im a…

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til we overdose

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Ok I'm sorry for the language in the middle there but overall this was just too good not to post

Ok I'm sorry for the language in the middle there but overall this was just too good not to post

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❤ choppy said no hahahahahahaha sorry kitty you have under the bed jk you're always allowed in our cloud

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Very true. Feels good to be back in the light❤️ My dearest Squig. A beacon of light for me in this daunting world.

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My friend: Sorry, she's just... you know.... Thomas: I know. Me: Hey (f/n) Is that Dylan O'Brien? My friend: Oh MY GOSH!

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See what's your hogwarts life ♥ *Long results* If you liked anyone from my characters I would like to make a story about one of them. Well if you dont , AVADA KEDAVRA... Just kidding love ya.. Thanks for your time Peace :) ♥ *sorry for the grammar mistakes english is not my first language ^

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"lately i’ve been replacing my “i’m sorry”s with “thank you”s, like instead of “sorry i’m late” i’ll say “thanks for waiting for me”, or instead of “sorry for being such a mess” i’ll say “thank you for loving me and caring about me unconditionally” and it’s not only shifted the way i think and feel about myself but also improved my relationships with others who now get to receive my gratitude instead of my negativity" TUMBLR:

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