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ATtiny85 Sound Level Meter, displays the input from an electret microphone on a bargraph display. It's sensitive enough to respond to speech, and shows just how much functionality you can get out of the tiny 8-pin ATtiny85 processor. The ATtiny85 not only drives the 10-bar LED display directly, but it also receives the direct input from an electret microphone, amplifies and digitises it, and converts it to a logarithmic value before displaying it. The project could be used as a display for…


Digital sound level meter cem dt-805

AccuracyMeets IEC 2 to Auto RangingMax Hold, Data Hold FunctionHard Carry Case & Battery Supplied


Lutron sound level meter sl-4033sd

Class 1 Sound Level MeterReal time data logger, save the data into the SD memory card and can be downloaded to the Excel, extra software is no need.Frequency and time weig...


The Fun Way to Reduce Classroom Noise Features: Portable & Easy For Monitoring Noise Levels In Classrooms, Daycare Or At Home Traffic Light Is Computerized With Adjustable Sound Level Meter Manually Turn Different Colored Lights On, If Desired User Has The Option Of Turning Siren Sound Off Technical Information: Traffic Light is 17″ Tall, 5.5″ …


Extech sound level meter 407732

Buy Extech 407730 Digital Sound Level Meter 40 to 130 dB and more from our comprehensive selection of Extech Digital Sound Level Meter.

The TooLoud! app is ideal for the teacher who needs to limit noise in the classroom environment. It records decibels, displaying the volume levels in numbers. Use it to let the class know when they cross the auditory line. Hook your iPad up to the projector and manage the working noise level in class by letting the students see the feedback for themselves.


Full Function Sound Level Meter - meets IEC 651 Type 2 standard

Accurate and easy to use for all types of sound level measurement including recording, performance, surround sound, industrial and environmental. Large LCD Disp


$19.73 (Buy here: ) GM1358 30-130dB Digital sound level meter noise tester in decibels LCD screen for just $19.73